We're changing the world of finance

We provide funding to fintechs and assist in their development and rapid growth. We also build our own fintechs from scratch. We combine the spirit of start-ups with the power of a global company, Société Générale.

We are a part of KB group

KB SmartSolutions is a subsidiary of Komerční banka. We’re bringing together the best of fintechs and traditional banks to build the financial services of the future. We believe in "client first", but also in "money makes the world go round".

What we offer


We'll provide you with needed infrastructure, including our API.We’ll work with you to test your new technologies and services. What’s more, you’ll be able to verify and fine-tune the functionality of your products and services using real data.


We can assist and advise you all along the way. We will quickly test how the market responds to your ideas. If the feedback is positive, we’ll roll up our sleeves and together we’ll do whatever it take to reach your goals.


We’re able to reach 2.4 million customers in the Czech Republic who are accustomed to traditional financial services delivered with premium care. Because we also are a part of the Soc Gen group, we can reach even millions more customers on four continents.


From initial investment and funding growth to providing working capital and getting through the exit, we’re able to assist you in every stage of our joint project.




We provide payment gateway for e-shops, mobile applications, accounting programs and other financial applications. We can also offer payment solutions to those customers who have not yet found what they need on the market.

Zaplaceno EN


  • Zaplaceno.cz offers an online payment solution with simple and quick implementation and very reasonable fees.
  • It is one of the cheapest solutions on the market. The service is suitable for all, from the smallest e-shops to large e-commerce players.
  • We offer everything from payment by card, through direct payment from account to account and consumer loan to deferred or installment payments.
  • You can easily activate and deactivate individual payment methods with one click.



We offer modern back-end solutions for payment processing and other financial services.



The goal of the Cincink real estate platform is to enable clients to buy and sell efficiently and safely. In future, property rental will be there, too.

Cincink EN

  • Advertising is free of charge, so clients and real estate agents save on advertising costs
  • Offers of real estate agencies and direct owners are clearly presented in one place
  • We offer comprehensive services that cover the entire purchase and sale transaction
  • We have real estate, financial and legal experts available by phone

Our team

Patrik Nový

"Banks and fintechs are natural allies more than competitors. We want alliances that benefit everyone – banks, fintechs and, most of all, clients."

Jiří Přibyl

"It’s the same as in nature. Those who ultimately survive on the market are not the biggest or strongest but are those most open to change."

How can we get started?

What if we're not exactly fintech?

Doesn't matter. We're looking for any ideas that can help us to provide some extra benefit to our customers, like automatic scanning of their invoices or biometric identity verification when they open a new account.

What's the process in getting to a deal?

First of all, get in touch with Tomáš using the contact form below. Tomáš will set up an appointment with you, and together you can discuss possibilities for collaboration. If you find common ground, Tomáš will work with you to prepare your presentation for our innovation board.

Do you accept early stage start-ups?

All projects are evaluated individually, and we believe every great idea deserves a closer look. Get in touch even if you're still at the beginning and your product is just being prepared.

What will happen if we close a deal?

One of our colleagues will become part of your team and she or he will be your direct connection to the parent company KB. We’ll develop our project together, including its implementation and introducing it to KB’s clients.


You know quite a bit about us now, but we don’t know anything about you yet. Please prepare some basic information about your project and send it to Tomáš, who is working with all new partners. 

Tomáš will review your presentation, then get in touch with you to arrange an introductory meeting.

Tomáš Michálek, Start-up scout
+420 605 204 618

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